​List of Members

Below is the backbone of Liberty Robotics, FIRST® Team 1764. Each of these students is assigned a leadership position and is responsible for their own team and tasks. The team is set up in a business format which teaches the true values of project management, team management, and delegation.


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Logistics Officer

Chief Media Officer

Chief Operations Office

Chief Public Relations Officer


Safety Captain

Pit & Field Lead

Inventory & Organization Lead

Scouting Lead

Mechanical Lead

Electrical Lead

CAD Lead

Programming Lead

Spirit Leaders

Communication Lead

Awards Lead

Web Lead


The coaches and mentors support the team. These individuals volunteer a large portion of their time and are given very little reward in return. While the mentors are a crucial part of our program, FIRST® Team 1764 still feels that students should do the majority of the work. The results are well-balanced and rewarding; our members are able to form stronger bonds with their mentors and are able to bring more away from their FIRST® Robotics experience. The coaches and mentors of FIRST® Team 1764 are:

  • Jacob C. — Coach & Mentor
  • Rolland Y. — Coach & Mentor


  • Don F. — Operations Mentor
  • Ron H. — Operations Mentor
  • Gavin S. Operations Mentor
  • Bryan S. Operations Mentor
  • John C. - Operations Mentor
  • Don G. — Operations Mentor
  • Jon N. — Logistics Mentor
  • Bridget S. — Public Relations Mentor