Course Descriptions and Related Files and Resources

Programming with LabView Basic

This session is an introduction to LabVIEW programming for beginners. We discuss basic programming techniques, and how to use them to control a robot.

Programming with LabView Advanced

This session will cover advanced aspects of LabView programming including state machines, Autonomous design, debugging techniques, and sensor integration.

JAVA Programming and FIRST Robots

Team 3528 will be providing a crash course into the basics programming with JAVA and how it relates to FIRST robots.

Branding and Effective Marketing

Why marketing your brand is an important activity in FIRST and some tips and tricks to make your team stand out on a budget.

Team Safety

Team 1764 will show how to "sell" your team safety at competition to help win safety awards.

Introduction to Inventor

This course focuses on the basics of Autodesk Inventor, including the basics of making parts and how to assemble them into something more complex.

Advanced Inventor and the the Design Process

This session focuses on using Autodesk Inventor to help aid in the design of the robot. Topics include design tips, stress analysis, content library and more.

Business FIRST!

In this class, teams learn tips for structuring their team and developing their business plan to promote success with the Entrepreneurship Award.

Utilizing Mentors

How do you communicate, set ground rules and integrate mentors into your FIRST robotics team? This presentation will answer those questions and more in making a winning and cohesive team.

Efficient Robot Fabrication

This class looks at ways to build FIRST robots utilizing simple resources. Particular attention is paid to materials readily available to all teams, online and in the community.

Movers and Shakers

This session focuses on making connections with motors and pneumatics on your FIRST robot.

Building Blocks

A look at how to set up FIRST Lego League and Jr. Lego League teams in your school district/community.

Drive Systems

An overview and look at the different drives systems available and the pros and cons of each with examples.

Parent and Community Support

A look at how parents and community play an important role in a successful team. Includes topics on parent groups, fundraising, sponsorships, and more.