FIRST® Team 1764 Mission:

To provide students with the opportunity to learn skills necessary to be responsible and participate in an increasingly technological world, to become the leaders of the future, to serve community and society, and achieve personal fulfillment.

FIRST® Team 1764 Values:

  • Positivity and inclusivity above all else.
    • At all meetings, the board makes sure that every member has a voice, no matter how small, even if it’s not always maximum efficiency, we’re still including everyone. 1764 as a team cares about making a winning robot, but to our entire team, it’s more important to us that we have a supportive community and everyone is always included and growing. That’s more of a win for our team.
  • Members are not tethered to one sub-team.
    • A little over a year ago, Team 1764 recently opted to shift our leadership systems to a Board instead of Chief systems. With the Chief system, the team became very divided into areas, trapping certain students to one passion or interest. By broadening the leadership system, and allowing the board to pick subleads on a project-to-project basis, we can involve more members and allow more members to grow. Members can also be apart of multiple sub-teams at once, since members will not be working on one thing the entire season.
  • Incoming members are not expected to be immediately involved
    • A common problem every FIRST team encounters is the transfer of knowledge between years. With over ⅔ of the team coming from different backgrounds and experience levels, our Board works overtime and develop new learning systems to ensure that every student can be involved with their passions.

FIRST® Team 1764 Goals:

  • Current Goals
    • Win a Regional Competition and proceed to Championship
    • To implement more positivity and inclusivity
  • Goals for Next Year
    • Encouraging new/current members to be involved in multiple subteams
  • Goals for Next Few Years
    • Establish a robotics class at Liberty High Schools
    • Host a FLL tournament
    • Add a Research and Development team
    • Establish 4 FLL Jr. teams in Liberty elementary schools
    • Build 2 robots during build season
    • Mentor 2 FRC teams
    (updated 2024)