Becoming a Member or Mentor of FIRST® Team 1764

Are you interested in robotics? Do you have explicit knowledge of business, designing, engineering, website or graphic design? Would you like to gain knowledge in any of the above areas? You should consider becoming a member or mentor for Liberty Robotics FIRST® Team 1764. We have a wide variety of areas for you to explore and can offer an infinite amount of knowledge from professionals trained in the field. For more information concerning membership or mentoring opportunities please contact Gary Pierson or Bridget Stark at!


FIRST® Team 1764 is very proud of their mentors and invite interested candidates to take the initiative to join us! The mentors here on Team 1764 are overwhelmingly supportive of all the members! They allow members to experience things for themselves to get a better understand while also making sure everyone is safe and actively learning. No one is sitting around and waiting while they are with the mentors! They also make sure all the materials are accessible!


Our team enjoys a great deal of diversity and encourages growth of every magnitude. Our members work in all aspects of robotics, from graphic design to actually building the robot. Never fear for a lack of interesting subjects to work on; robotics has it all. Sound interesting? Email us at to learn about leadership opportunities available with FIRST® Team 1764.